Media Contacts

Members of the media are encouraged to contact M&T’s media relations team to request an interview with one of our experts or to get more news and information about M&T.

If you are not a member of the media but are looking for information or additional assistance from M&T, please direct your request to the appropriate group or page below: Customer ServiceCharitable GivingCommunity ReinvestmentCareers


National Media, Trade Publications and Buffalo, NY Media:
Julia Berchou
(716) 842-5385

Upstate New York (excluding Buffalo):
Dave Lanzillo
(716) 842-5139 

Downstate New York (NYC and Long Island), New Jersey and Connecticut:
David Samberg
(201) 368-4515

Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, DC:
Scott Graham 
(410) 244-4097

Head of Corporate Communications:
Maya Dillon
(212) 415-0557