M&T Bank Customers Receive 10 Million Account Alerts
Benchmark reached in less than one year
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BUFFALO, N.Y., July 22, 2013 -- M&T Bank customers have received more than 10 million account alerts via text messages, emails and push notifications through the M&T Bank mobile app in less than a year.

The top three most popular alerts used by M&T Bank customers, in order of activity level are:

  • Low Account Balance Alert— customers can keep track of their account by customizing a balance level triggering this alert.
  • Large Withdrawal Alert— this customizable alert is triggered for any withdrawals at a dollar amount pre-selected by the customer.
  • Returned Check Deposit Alert— customers are alerted an item deposited into their account was returned for insufficient funds.

"Our customers have embraced the new customizable account alerts to better manage their account information at their fingertips. Empowering customers to make more choices about how and when they want to receive account information has given them more control and convenience," said Mike Shryne, senior vice president for Alternative Banking at M&T.

Customers have the ability to quickly make needed adjustments to their M&T Bank accounts when an alert is received—such as transferring funds between accounts and viewing recent transactions—through the bank's mobile application for iPhone® or mobile web banking.

M&T customers have the ability to set a "do not disturb" time during which M&T will not send text alerts. Customers can also set up more than one different mobile number for alerts delivery.

Account alerts come with no additional charge from M&T Bank, although text messaging charges from a customer's cell phone carrier may apply. M&T offers over 20 different alerts, including Debit Card Alerts, providing notification of ATM withdrawals and purchases almost immediately. Customers signing up for alerts automatically receive an alert whenever their personal identification number (PIN) is changed or when suspicious account activity is detected.

M&T began implementing account alerts in late July 2012 and announced the new capability to customers in September 2012. Customers can sign up to receive customized alerts through M&T Web Banking, by calling the bank's customer service phone line or by visiting a local branch.

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