M&T Bank Launches Two New Merchant Service Products
Small business customers can now accept credit card payments over smart phones or tablet devices
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BUFFALO, N.Y., May 14, 2013 -- M&T Bank's Merchant Services division has launched two new products allowing small businesses and middle market customers to better manage their daily cash flow.

The new additions at M&T include:

  • M&T Mobile for Merchants – featuring a small card reader that can be attached to smart phones or tablet devices to process credit card payments.
  • Portfolio ManagerSM – a significant upgrade to the Web-based reporting tool used by business customers on a daily basis for real-time monitoring of credit card transactions and other account information. 

"Helping small and mid-sized businesses manage their daily finances is one of the most important roles a bank plays in its community. M&T Bank has launched both a convenient new way for our customers to accept credit card payments and a state-of-the-art reporting tool that will help businesses save time and manage their cash flow," said Christopher Morphew, Group Vice President of Commercial Product Management.

M&T Bank has the leading market share among middle market and small business customers in many metro areas across New York, Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region.

M&T Mobile for Merchants is a simple way for businesses as small as sole proprietor to accept credit card payments. The new mobile card reader works everywhere a smart phone or table device can operate. A customer simply swipes their credit card and signs the screen of the smart phone or tablet device, then receives an email receipt for their purchase. Merchants get simplified pricing and the convenience of card acceptance wherever their business takes them.

The service also works for field-based businesses, such as landscaping providers, contractors, installation services or one-time events that traditionally use wireless terminals.

After a brief initial set-up and registration process for Portfolio ManagerSM, M&T Bank clients will have immediate access to their accounts through a user-friendly dashboard. Bank clients can receive their electronic statements in as few as three business days after the close of the month, helping with reconciling accounts and managing their cash flow. 

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