M&T Bank Employees, Customers and Directors Raise $346,968 for the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Effort

M&T Bank announced today that it has teamed with its employees, customers and directors to donate $346,968 to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund. The money was collected to assist victims of this January's earthquake in Haiti.

"Through the generous support of our employees, associates and customers, we have pulled together to offer help to people in their time of need. We appreciate all the large and small contributions - from the checks written to the coins collected - that poured in from throughout communities served by our bank," said M&T Chairman and CEO Robert G. Wilmers.

M&T made an initial contribution of $100,000 to the American Red Cross on January 15. The bank accepted contributions from employees and the public at all of its branches through the end of February.

M&T additionally matched the first $100,000 of $124,035 donated by employees and directors. M&T customers contributed another $22,933, culminating in a grand total of $346,968 donated to the American Red Cross for Haiti relief.

M&T Bank, the principal bank subsidiary of Buffalo-based M&T Bank Corporation , has more than 750 branch offices located in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and the District of Columbia. For further information visit www.mtb.com/newsroom.


Michael Zabel

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